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Makar receives the 2022 Titan of Chemistry and Biochemistry Award

Makar Makarian received the 2022 Titan of Chemistry and Biochemistry Award at California State University Fullerton's annual awards ceremony. Makar is a first-generation student graduating with B.S. in Chemistry in Spring 2022. After transferring to CSUF in 2019 from Fullerton community college, Makar enrolled in the project RAISE program. His peer advisor then recommended him, and he became the chemical stockroom student assistant. Shortly after, Makar joined Dr. Pecic medicinal chemistry lab, where he works on the Alzheimer’s disease project, synthesizing and biologically evaluating acetylcholinesterase inhibitors. Makar won the second-place in the 35th annual CSU systemwide student research competition, presented his research at CSUPERB and published a paper as a first-author in the Journal of Molecular Structure. In addition to his scholarly endeavors, Makar likes to train No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu and develop his BBQ techniques. Congratulations, Makar!


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