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The group from left to right: Lato, Tanya, Nhgi, Stevan, Thanh, Tabby and Dantez.

Safety First!

Members of Dr. Pecic's group took a mandatory Safety and Laboratory Training organized by the Environmental Health & Safety at Cal State Fullerton.

Tanya Ly Joins the Group

Tanya Ly is an undergraduate student majoring in Chemistry at California State University, Fullerton. Her ultimate goal is to become a clinical laboratory scientist. Welcome Tanya! Read more

Leodantez Alonzo Joins the Group

Leodantez Alonzo is an undergraduate student majoring in Biochemistry. He joins the lab to gain more knowledge in a research lab environment. Welcome Dantez! Read more

Nghi Vo Joins the Group

Nghi Vo is an undergraduate student majoring in Biochemistry at CSUF. Her goal is to gain experience in biochemical research and to work in the medical field. Welcome Nghi!

Lato Nguyen Joins the Group

Lato Nguyen is a full-time undergraduate at Cal State Fullerton majoring in the field of chemistry. He is certain in pursuing a greater graduate-level education in the chemical sciences. Welcome Lato!

Thanh Le Joins the Group

Thanh Le is currently an undergraduate student, majoring in Chemistry. Her goal is to pursue pharmacy, has six years experience as a Pharmacy Technician at a retail pharmacy, and she already worked in a pharmaceutical science laboratory at UCI. Welcome Thanh!

Tabitha Perez Joins the Group

Tabitha Perez is a Health Science Undergraduate student, with a focus in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention at California State University, Fullerton. Her future plans are to attend medical school and work to mitigate health disparities in local communities. Welcome Tabby!